video and slide installation. time: endless
mixed media: film, slide and sound 2004
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I am interested in the interaction between different hand and machine textile processes. In order to show this I have developed a dialogue between hand and machine processes using film and sound.

I make short films using the textile process as subject, exploring their making, through construction of simple pattern, using stitch, weave, and knit etc. The hand and machine are invisible but are represented by sound in the presence of the textile action defined by both hand and machine techniques.

My subject in the film is textile screen, upon which manipulation of various media is explored using experimental sampling processes. There are documented and "catalogued". The screen becomes a transient material, manipulated by the textile action, which contrives textile and pattern.

This project includes a film of stitch marks, which are projected onto the screen. The screen is printed illuminate pigment. As the projection of film occurs, the light from the projected stitched line causes the surface of the 'screen' to glow. The glow gradually fades as the stitch making moves onto different parts of the screen.

This interaction creates a variety of images, changing colour and pattern. This work creates, a surprising space of elements that have been separated and then re combined, challenges the viewers understanding of "textile"process. Sound is an important element, achieved from the textile tool and used within the interaction.

art prize
"The Christine Risley Prize" 2006 (UK)